Bit Twiddling @ JUG

Here is the link to the presentation that I did at Java User Group – Chennai on 7 Jan 2012

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I will expand this post to include a Bit Twiddling tutorial later today .

Netbeans Platform Training

Weekends are usually a time for relaxation and to catch up with some personal projects which are due over the week. But last weekend was something different , Attending NetBeans Platform Certified Training  was really different experience .

Netbeans usually brings to mind the picture of an IDE , but there is also another Side to it , The Platform side , Netbeans Platform is a base platform for building some amazing swing based applications with relative ease and extensive re-useability coupled with Loose Coupling .

The workshop was conducted over video conference by Mr.Geertjan Wielenga who gave us an enlightening experience over the weekend of some of the most interesting Features of the Netbeans Platform .

Here is are a few pics:

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Here is a link to Geertjan Wielenga’s blog post about the training

This workshop was organized by Rajmahendra Ji on behalf of  Java User Group Chennai .