Criteria to recognize a Good Programmer

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Here are a few indicators to separate Good Programmers from the whole crowd . 

Me as a Kid

Things to Look For in a Programmer :

  • Passionate about technology
  • Programs as a hobby
  • Will talk your ear off on a technical subject if encouraged
  • Significant (and often numerous) personal side-projects over the years
  • Learns new technologies on his/her own
  • Opinionated about which technologies are better for various usages
  • Very uncomfortable about the idea of working with a technology he doesn’t believe to be “right”
  • Clearly smart, can have great conversations on a variety of topics
  • Started programming long before university/work
  • Has some hidden “icebergs”, large personal projects under the CV radar
  • Knowledge of a large variety of unrelated technologies (may not be on CV)

Good indicators of a bad Programmer :

  • Thinks Programming is a day job
  • Doesn’t really want to talk a lot about technology
  • Learns new technologies only in college/company-sponsored courses
  • Happy to work with whatever technology you’ve picked, “all technologies are good
  • Doesn’t seem too smart
  • Started programming at university
  • All programming experience is on the CV
  • Focused mainly on one or two technology stacks (e.g. everything to do with developing a java application), with no experience outside of it
So guys try to improve your Good Indicators and remove your bad indicators .

Professionally git

Git (not to be mistaken for the English-slang word) , is a version control system from the maker of the Linux Kernel  , who seems to name everything after himself (to be mistaken for the English-slang word ).

git is more than just a version control system , Its light weight , lightning fast Distributed Revision Control System .

I learnt on how to use git the hard way , (i.e) on my own without a book .

But for those of you wanting to gain in-depth knowledge or just start-up with git you can try this free E-book  and .

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Python ~ On the fly tutorials

I just returned from Day 1 of  a workshop on Python programming workshop @ REC .

So I have decided to get things going by writing tutorials as I learn the language , so the next post would be on installing python on windows environment .

But before we go into that lets start with what Python is , So Python is an interpreted, general-purpose high-level programming language , That was from Wikipedia , I will explain briefly but for detailed explanation refer Wikipedia,

Interpreted : Its a type of programming language that is not compiled or linked ,Normally languages like c/c++ need to be compiled into machine language and linked with the necessary modules but languages like Python which are interpreted are executed directly from the source code . Another famous example of an interpreted Language is Javascript but remember Javascript is not a programming language its a scripting language , But Python is a programming Language.

High-Level Language : A high level language is nothing but a fancy term for a programming language where you don’t really have to bother about doing dirty work of garbage collection , memory allocation and other boring stuff like that , you can just focus on coding your program , and all this mundane repetitive activities are taken care of by the Compiler  , in the case  Python it would be done by the Interpreter .

Python is really easy to pick up if you have a good foundation in programming , if not you can still start with Python .

Somehow I have a small prejudice towards block typed and strongly typed languages ,  Languages like C/C++  , I still like Python though , but I absolutely hate Basic especially Visual Basic ,thats why I always use C# instead of VB .