Rajapattai Movie Review : ராஜசோத்தை (rajasothai)


What would prompt a perfectly stable minded person like me to suddenly spend 3 hrs of time and 120 rupees at a local theater ? Well the answer could lie in the story, screenplay , acting , or effects in a movie . But sadly that was not the reason this time . The reason this time was that I was not really in a proper state of mind and had been pretty shaken up from being sick for the past week.

So lets analyse the bad choice I made.

Rajapattai is essentially a commercial pot boiler as you can easily guess from the trailer . I have nothing against that , but still I expect a bit of brain effort from the director and the writer .

The real story :

Your usual corrupt politician is after somebody else’s stuff , Hero comes and saves the day,

The END.

The actual story :

அனல் முருகன் (Anal Murugan ) works as a small time actor in movies and aims to become a Big Villain actor. He encounters Dhakshina moorthi in a temple and saves him from a bunch of goons and learns that the goons were sent by Dhakshina moorthi’s son who is after his father wealth . So being the kind-hearted person he is, Vikram (If you still haven’t guessed who Anal Murugan is.) takes him into his custody and protects him.

Dhakshina moorthi’s son wants to get into politics so He needs to give the land on which his father has built and orphanage to MAMA Party Leader AKKA (Who incidentally is revealed later in the film to have been a pimp in the beginning only to climb up the ladder and become a politician).

Then a whole bunch of stuff happens and some how the real villains in the movie get the land , and as expected AKKA betrays Dhakshina moorthi’s son who now joins vikram and tries to get his father’s land back.

To get the land back they must take out the Big Boss Wapa, and as usual vikram does the job and proves AKKA’s crimes and AKKA is killed . The children get their orphanage back.

In the mean time there is a Romance that brews between Vikram and Deeksha Seth, Nothing special here.

That about wraps it up.

The Acting :

Vikram has really put in the effort to look like the character he plays . This is a really amazing transformation after Deiva Thirumagal , and as usual he impresses with his acting skills even though his character suffers from a bad case of cliché syndrome.

The vetran telugu actor K.Vishwanath really impresses in the scenes where he give romance tips to vikram , but other than that he doesn’t have a lot of scope.

Deeksha Seth is passable as the female lead looks gorgeous and she tries to show bit emotion in the extremely limited scope that she has, as eye candy. Its commendable that she has not fallen into the glamour trap nor has she stood with a blank face all the time like many heroines who I do not want to mention.

Pradeep Rawat as wapa is not really that frightening a villain as he was in Ghajini .

The actress who plays AKKA needs to do some research on Sornakka (ச்வர்ணக்கா ) characters like for example the female villain from DHOOL (Another Vikram film)  , She goes around with the same expression on her face for the entire length of her screen time .

All the other actors do their parts justice .

Other Technicalities:

This a big let down by director Suseenthiran who directed movies like Vennila Kabadi Kuzhu and Naan Mahaan Alla ,  that is all there is to say in the direction department.

Music by Yuvan Shankar Raja is boring , nothing really catchy , I was counting the minutes to the end of each song in the theater .

Camera work by R. Madhi is ok , A few stunts are shot well .

Few other points :

The songs in the film were a big hindrance to the and the song in which vikram reportedly appears in 17 different costumes was a big letdown.

I couldn’t bear sitting through the final “Laddu Laddu Rendu Laddu” which features Reema Sen ( Who seems really out-of-place ) and Shriya Saran ( Who hasn’t changed her dance moves for a long time ) .

Overall :

If you must see this movie , either remove your sense of logic and music, or try getting a case of sudden short-term memory loss .


The End of the Line……..

Movies are a very powerful medium , A really honest and well worked story can do wonders to the way the audience perceive the world.  The real power of movies can be harnessed only when the story takes the front seat and star power takes the back. One such Film is “The Last Station

The Last station directed by Michael Hoffman is a biopic of the legendary Russian writer Lyev Nikolayevich Tolstoy, during his last days .

Before watching this movie I had never heard of  Tolstoy or of  ” war and peace ” , but this movie totally takes you to Yasnaya Polyana the place where Tolstoy was born is place where the movie takes place during the year 1910.

Now before you read any further about this movie I would like to warn you that this is not your usual commercial melodrama , this is in many ways a really ‘artsy‘ film , and not meant for people who have no patience .

After looking at real life photographs of the characters in the movie , I was amazed at how really good the casting in the movie was . Everybody from Tolstoy’s daughter Sasha  to Vladimir Chertkov to Tolstoy himself looked and acted like their real life counterparts. I was really impressed at the casting of Christopher Plummer as Tolstoy and Paul Giamatti as Vladimir Chertkov.

Moving to the acting department every actor in the movie has performed his/her brilliantly , but i was really impressed with Helen Mirren who plays Tolstoy’s wife Countess Sophia Tolstaya , its a pity that she did not win the Academy award.Now there is no need for me to really say anything about Christopher Plummer , anybody who has seen any of his previous movies knows that he is one of the best performers out there.

Now if that has not yet convinced you to watch this really inspiring and moving film , continue reading….

The Story starts with Valentin Bulgakov played by James McAvoy (who is again in a really meaningful role  after “The last King of Scotland”), going to Yasnaya Polyana and joining as Tolstoy’s secretary, Vladimir Chertkov wants Valentin to know about Sophia Tolstaya’s  actions because she is against Tolstoian Movement and its Principles , and what follows is a melodrama which ends in a very befitting climax.

So go and watch The Last Station immediately if you like really meaningful cinema where the story and screenplay are the real heroes . They just don’t make many films like this anymore .

How to Make Chromium Portable , Partially !

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