Transparency Reports from Google

Here is another  reason why google is so brilliant , its because Google is socially and ethically responsible .

Google has added reports about Government requests to remove content from Google’s services like Youtube or Blogger .

They have also added a Traffic Analysis tool to show traffic activity from different Countries .

Its Good that Internet Giant is doing the right thing by supporting transparency , which is the first step towards to eradicating all under the table activities and Internet Censorship

From : and India – Google Transparency Report

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A Generation born into materialism

So long as even a single dog in my country is without food my whole religion is to feed it and serve it, anything excluding that is unreligious.

-Swami Vivekananda

Born in a country with such great values , I feel guilty to be a part of the generation that thrives on materialism.

While I sit here thinking about what has led to this dramatic change where society just so happens to be so uneven , filled with highs and lows , I can’t but feel sad that I still haven’t done much about it.

I just happened to be watching the bbcworld , when a program on the condition of the Sindh province after the recent flood , was aired , It showed the once home of the Great Indus Valley Civilization reduced to nothing but a large lake , and how the people there were suffering , and how the government was so corrupt that they were stealing even the aid from the World Food Programme , then I realised that the situation back home in India is really no different.

Even though India surely has enough money to alleviate poverty entirely ,it still hasn’t been solved . Instead it is spent on more important things  , like laundering the money for personal uses , Spending Crores of rupees on buying Cricketers in the IPL auction  , Buying fancy cars which guzzle petrol . Things like this are way more important than  feeding a poor person , helping the farmer , without whom we would all starve .

India has truly started to follow the great American culture of Living on Excess , and then paying a small fee to alleviate the guilt .

This is truly definitely not the country that our freedom fighters envisioned , this is probably their worst nightmare !