Screencasting from Ubuntu

Screencasting (Recording a video of  your desktop) just got easier since if you have Gnome Shell .

Gnome shell comes with an inbuilt screencasting feature which is activated by pressing


To deactivate it just press the same combination . The video is by default saved in webm format in the current user’s home directory.

Here is a sample video.



Typing தமிழ் (Tamil) on Ubuntu Linux

To type a indic language on Linux you need to do some work before you get it working and before we start I am assuming that you are using ubuntu Linux 10.04 or higher .

The first thing you need is to install ibus 

so to install ibus open terminal and type

sudo apt-get install ibus

sudo apt-get install ibus-m17n

after installing ibus and m17n go to System->Administration->Language Support in the Gnome menu

Select keyboard input system as ibus

Click on Install/Remove Languages -> Select Tamil -> Select all the Components ->Apply the changes.

Then go to System->Preferences->Keyboard Input Methods 

Goto Input Method Tab , Select an Input method and then choose Tamil -> Tamil-phonetic and click Add

Enable Show icon on System tray 

then your preferred shortcut keys .

Choose Tamil from the keyboard icon in the notification area

and now you can type தமிழ் (Tamil) !!

நண்றி வணக்கம் !


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Firing up Ubuntu with the 4th Fox

Firefox 4 (stable) was released yesterday (March 22 , 2011), So I decided to write an article on how to install firefox 4 on Ubuntu the easy way.

Now if you goto to download the latest version on linux you prompted to download a file called  firefox-4.0.tar.bz2

but many people don’t know how install this file , well the easier method is to download the latest version from Firefox stable PPA

but before you do this make sure to uninstall any beta versions.

Open terminal and type the following commands
First thing to do is add the Firefox stable PPA

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:mozillateam/firefox-stable

then before we can install firefox we need to update the PPA

sudo apt-get update

Finally we can install Firefox

sudo apt-get install firefox

And thats it , firefox will now download and install itself , Simple and Easy !

I am Officially Human !!

96 Hours :

Its been exactly been 96 hours since Ubuntu Linux 10.10 (Maverick Meerkat ) was installed in a dual boot Setup on my Laptop ,

and I am proud to say that I have booted into windows only twice in that time and that too only temporarily. I have been using a Microsoft OS as my Primary Operating System form 1998-99 , that was when I convinced my dad to bring Home his old Office Computer so I could Use it

The last time I installed Ubuntu was way back in its Gutsy Gibbon(7.10) days , back then I had Windows xp on one Hard disk and Ubuntu on another Hard disk  so each time I wanted to switch OS I had to change the Hard disks , OK Enough History  now Lets Get Down To business .

The Awesomeness that followed :

Not much has changed really ,I still use firefox and chrome for browsing , VLC for videos …. etc .

But wait the waiting time has decreased , I mean the boot time has some how magically dropped , well may be thats because I am using a newly installed OS .

Then there is the part about having a Cooler looking Desktop !!

I was surprised  when I found out that I had almost all the features of Windows 7 Aero Interface (Including transparent Window borders ) Though they  function a bit differently in Ubuntu and as usual you do need a Capable Graphics card to handle it , but if you don’t you can just as easily turn them off .

What about applications I asked myself , I knew that there were open source alternatives to many windows applications or I could count on WINE to run my apps  , Well my Knowledge turned out to be true . Even the occasional Counter Strike game that I play , works Fine on WINE .

I forgot to mention the standard procedure everyone performs immediately  after installing Windows  , Installing Drivers , then Installing an Anti-Virus Program  , well as you have probably guessed by now I did skip those parts because there weren’t needed . I did Have to Download Updates though .

The Not-So Awesomeness that Followed :

The first thing tried to do after installing Ubuntu was Play a movie  , but due to some lame ethical and copyright reasons it refused to play Mp3 , AVI (Divx , Xvid)  , MKV (H.264 , X264 ) , Mp4 , Flv … and the other commonly  used formats .

Youtube was also on the list as Flash Player was also not present Out of the Box .

But the solution was really simple , install ubuntu-restricted-extras .

The AWESOME desktop that you see above doesn’t come out of the box  , though the default desktop still looks good .

Finally :

In the past 96 hours I have not missed Windows one bit , but lets see how Ubuntu holds up in the coming months .


Top 10 interview questions


Question 1. Tell me about yourself.

“Tell me about yourself” is a very common question, but it is also the question which most candidates do not do well on. The challenge is because it is normally the first question asked, job candidates miss an important opportunity to make a great first impression.

The good news is with some preparation and a lot of practice, you make a phenomenal first impression by answering this question well.

First, what not to do:

  1. Do not recite your resume or academic transcript. The interviewer can read your resumé.
  2. Do not ramble an answer. Since this is a very common question, candidates are expected to have a good, concise answer. Being caught-off guard with this question without a good answer shows recruiters that a candidate did not prepare properly.
  3. Do not give a common, boring response. Excite me. Interest me. You’re talking about yourself, so take the opportunity and promote yourself as to why the recruiter should hire you.

So, with that in mind, what should you say? Here are some ideas and tips:

  1. Talk about your passions. Why did you chose the degree you did at university? Why did you chose this career path. Let me get to know you beyond the resume and academic transcript.
  2. Talk about your goals. Why are you here? What about you and your personality excites you about my company and this job?
  3. Pick one or two KEY things and achievements about your background–the things that best define you and put you in the best light–and tell me about it. Don’t take too long, and as I said earlier, don’t tell me everything in your background. Just pick the two things you want me to know about you. What accomplishments are you most proud of? What defines you as a person? What motivates you? What was your best experience so far? Tell me that. And remember, it doesn’t have to be exclusively on the professional front. Some of the best answers I have heard from job candidates is when there were telling me about being captain of a sports team or a community group they were involved in. The important thing to remember is that your examples should show why you are a special and unique person I need to hire.
  4. Share your dreams and ambitions. Tell me an interesting story.
  5. Since this is a very common question, practice, practice, and then practice some more. Write out some ideas of key stories from your background, and then practice telling your story in a concise and entertaining manner. I strongly recommend practicing this with friends and family, and get their honest and candid feedback on your response. Be sure to ask what you can do better. Then try again.
  6. Keep the answer to a couple of minutes.
  7. Watch the body language of the interviewer. Are they interested in what you are saying? Are they smiling and listening intently?

The most important thing about this question is to make the recruiter like you. By sharing an enthusiastic story, speaking with passion about your experiences and yourself, you will be highly likable and most importantly, memorable.

The good news is since most people give a boring summary of their resume, you really have the opportunity to stand-out by being different and telling a story which is interesting and exciting.

Potential answer:

At a young age, I had a passion for technology, so when it came to select a course of study at my university, computer science was a natural decision. I have enjoyed studying for the past four years, and now look forward to not only continuing this education but also delivering world class solutions for companies. Outside of work, I enjoy group activities such as football and music.

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