Scalaxia for Android

Scalaxia for android was just released by Jug-C Member Ragunath Jawahar who is also the Founder and  CTO of Mobs and Geeks

Scalaxia is a project by Java User Group Chennai , It aggregates tweets related to the Scala Language , It is built using the Scala language itself and it runs on Google App Engine

Here are a few screenshots


And here is a video of it in action


The App can be Downloaded from here

An Easter Egg in Google Search

An easter egg has been found in Google search . It was about time that google did something interesting with google search , which even after the recent redesign wasn’t very interesting, But still the minimal look is what we all love about google search .

What is an easter egg anyway , well Wikipedia defines it as

A virtual Easter egg is an intentional hidden message, in-joke or feature in a work such as a computer program, web page, video game, movie, book or crossword.

What it means is that easter egg is just a simple trivial feature that in placed by the creators of the software product to lighten things up .

So now back to google’s easter egg, Imagine Google doing a Barrel roll well you can literally ask google to do it by typing Do a barrel rollin the search box , the same effect can also be triggered by typing “z or r twice” .

Then try imagining google having a slight tilt , well neither could I , but you can still see it by searching for tilt or askew” .

These effects seem to be working in the recent versions of all  major browsers .

I have made a video of all the effects take a look

A doodle , Anant Pai and remembering the mid 1990’s

Today (17 September ) was the day that Anant Pai, or as we all remember Uncle Pai, was born, and Google India has actually published a doodle to mark this Occasion.

Anant Pai and his comics Amar Chitra Katha and Tinkle were a real source of awe and inspiration for my generation. When I was a kid I used to trouble my mother every night for a story and she would secretly look into the tinkle books for inspiration. Back then we did not have many TV channels and ones like DD were mostly news channels and broadcast the occasional cartoon, So I literally grew into my Teen years reading Amar Chitra Katha and Tinkle, They did get boring somewhere between 2000 – 2003, But still I really cannot forget those memorable days of reading tinkle for innumerable hours.

The current younger Generation on the other hand has been corrupted by the innumerable number of Cartoons from every channel , and the worst part is that unlike cartoons from my childhood theses are rarely about Life Lessons. Kids today seem to be more interested in over the top heroism and violence . I really despise cartoons like Power Rangers  as they project an image that most of the problems can be solved by killing the main villan and causing as much violence as possible , One could argue that Power Rangers existed in mid 1990’s , but if you think about it they were never broadcast in India at that time , The cartoon I saw as a kid was Jungle Book and other miscellaneous Stories.

Now getting back to the topic , There was a time in the mid 1990’s , I think around 1995 that I saw for the first time a Tinkle comic , and I have to say that I immediately fell in love with it, I would spend hours and hours with my Tinkle and Amar Chirtra Katha Comics. And every month I would pester my dad  to get me the latest issue of the comics, I would secretly smuggle it to school and read it during Lunch times, I would also occasionally get caught reading it in class.

I still vividly remember the colourful stories of Shikari Shambu , Suppandi ,Nasruddin Hodja, etc , They were an abundant source of inspiration back then. Suppandi was one of my favorites , I would find suppandi stories funny even if I had read it for the 100th time, that was the power of those Colourful comics .

Oh I forgot to mention the most Intelligent Characters of them all, Birbal. His stories of wit, humor , combined with intelligence were a real source of exaltation. And most of the time each story had an amazing ending with a really good message . Here are a few that I found : Stories of birbal.Those were literally the Golden years of my education, I learnt a lot and learning was such a pleasurable experience back then , And like all Golden years it did come to an end , But Golden years are the ones that stay in memory for a lifetime . I have to thank Anant Pai for starting something that can never be forgot !!


Gmail Preview Pane

Gmail wasn’t the first web mail interface that I used but it is certainly the best I have ever used. The best web mail interface just got better with a new feature called Preview Pane , which provides a twitter like view for you Gmail page , and greatly improves your productivity .

This feature can be enabled from gmail Labs .

Via : Gmail Blog

Transparency Reports from Google

Here is another  reason why google is so brilliant , its because Google is socially and ethically responsible .

Google has added reports about Government requests to remove content from Google’s services like Youtube or Blogger .

They have also added a Traffic Analysis tool to show traffic activity from different Countries .

Its Good that Internet Giant is doing the right thing by supporting transparency , which is the first step towards to eradicating all under the table activities and Internet Censorship

From : and India – Google Transparency Report

So as always Please post your comments and suggestions .

The most Impressive doodle by Google

This the most amazing use of Web technologies by Google and the best part is that this animation is not FLASH . I wish they would release the Source Code to this .


The Doodle was not an Animated GIF , but instead it was a Large PNG sprite consisting of each individual frame  and some JavaScript and CSS Magic , which makes it Even More Impressive !! 2 :

The Animated Doodle was created by Cartoonist Ryan Woodward , and here is the official Video .

A new Awesome Google Chrome Ad

I have loved Google chrome since the day I started using it , and here is an Ad which showcases the features of the browser with a good emotional quotient to it .

Firefox 4 and Firefox 3 Running Simultaneously

I found a way to run Firefox 4 Beta and Firefox 3 simultaneously .

Now you may ask why … well the answer is that I wanted to check out Firefox 4 but at the same time keep working with Firefox 3 because of the add-ons FF4 & 3

A new and easier way to teach your parents Technology is a new offering from Google that lets you create a custom message to send to your parents , grandparents  or any other person who isn’t up to speed on the basics of computer and internet usage .


A great idea from Google.

Why didn’t I think of this before ?

Ps:This site is really well designed !

How-To Create A Cool Html Page to link to Web Apps in 10 minutes


When Google Chrome Rolled out it added the new feature of creating application shortcuts , but you had to have

different shortcuts for different apps like Gmail, Calendar , Facebook … etc . So I created a HTML page using which I can Link to other Apps.

Creating just a HTML Page is very easy ,but I wanted more than Just 4 links that I can click, I needed Animated effects and Icons , so I made it using JQuery .

Click Here to check out the Demo .

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