Firefox 4 and Firefox 3 Running Simultaneously

I found a way to run Firefox 4 Beta and Firefox 3 simultaneously .

Now you may ask why … well the answer is that I wanted to check out Firefox 4 but at the same time keep working with Firefox 3 because of the add-ons FF4 & 3

Downloading Chromium

I recently decided to get rid of branding  in my current favorite web browser ,Google chrome ….. so I visited the chromium project website .Nowhere on the page could i find an option to download chromium binaries , all that was available was source code and instructions on how to build it for different platforms .

Then after some 15 mins of searching i found this, the list of  latest chromium snapshots .

so to download the latest build open the folder with the highest number , and download the file called


after downloading the file its pretty simple , just install it and you are ready to Go!

For those who don’t already Know Chromium browser is the same as Google chrome but without the Google branding , Also Chromium is Open Source .

Be advised the latest versions of chromium are beta version and they might be unstable .

Update:New Snapshots are released Almost daily , and there is no auto updater present in chromium, so make sure you manually update as often as possible.

Chrome Or Chromium The choice

I’ve Always been a fan of google chrome ever since it released , but i could never let go of my Firefox fixation.

Chrome Vs Chromium

The main reason Firefox was so good was because of the extensions .

When chrome got extensions I immediately switched google chrome and put Firefox as secondary .

But there was still few things that bothered me about chrome ,


2.You can’t install chrome where ever you want , it always installs in “C:\Users\%UserName%\AppData\Local\”

The first one didn’t bother me much cause I could easily remove it ,

but the second one really bothered me .

So i switched to Portable Google chrome .

Then I stumble across this article , Now I am rethinking google chrome usage !

Now its up to you to decide whether to use Google chrome or not .

Update : I’ve stopped using Chrome and switched to Chromium.