Why this blog ?

Good question ! I started this blog with only one reason on July 4th 2010 , I wanted to impress the people at Microsoft and  become a MSP , short for Microsoft Student Partner .

So if you had noticed most of the posts were in one way or another related to Windows or motivation during the first few months . Back then I desperately wanted to become a MSP , I thought I would help me a lot with my career . Lots of blog posts passed this way .

Then after a while I realized what MSP really means, it means Microsoft Sales Person , and the best part is that since students are not qualified engineers yet , Microsoft does not pay you for peddling their products to more innocent students.

Then came the world of Linux in the form of a python workshop at Rajalakshmi Engineering College, It was the first time I had used a Linux OS (Fedora) for more that 2 days at a stretch  , Though I did not fall for it immediately I slowly and eventually switched over to Linux, but surprisingly It wasn’t Fedora , It was Ubuntu !

The switch

At the time when I wanted to switch over to Linux , I had been a Microsoft’s user all my life. The first Computer that I laid my hands on was a an old Compaq system with DOS , then slowly I transitioned into Win 95 , Win 98 , Win xp and finally Win Vista on my laptop. So It took a lot of self convincing to switch to Linux . Naturally Ubuntu was my first choice and still is . May be it was Mark Shuttleworth’s generosity of sending free Ubuntu CDs to people, that really made ubuntu win over Fedora. Though I think it was Ubuntu’s Windows like feel that really drove me towards it . The first ubuntu I installed was Maverick Meerkat 10.10

Now I am a full-time Linux User and I still use ubuntu !

Getting back

This blog is now dedicated to any tech stuff I come across, Motivational tidbits , Nostalgia , Linux , Java , Python , Web development  and any other thing that might interest me in the future.

I hope the question was answered adequately .

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