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Bit Twiddling @ JUG

Here is the link to the presentation that I did at Java User Group – Chennai on 7 Jan 2012

This presentation was built using impress.js

I will expand this post to include a Bit Twiddling tutorial later today .

JRuby and Sinatra

Here is the presentation did at Java User Group chennai on 26th November 2011.

Visiting Delhi with a belly (Delhi belly Movie – review)

I have followed the hype over Delhi Belly for some time now , and let me tell you it fully lives up to its expectation . Delhi belly is by far one of the best risky decisions taken by Aamir Khan.

A day before the film released I learnt that there will be 2 versions of the Movie , the original Hinglish Version and a dubbed Hindi Version . Unfortunately I had already booked the tickets so I hoped that the version I would be watching would be the Hinglish one , but as hopes go I ended up with the dubbed Hindi Version which incidentally has toned down dialogues . But to my Surprise I had under estimated my ability to understand Hindi ,  which has greatly Improved since the Time of  3 Idiots , So  I could actually understand more than 95% of the dialogues spoken.

Delhi Belly is the story of Tashi (Imran Khan) and his room mates Arup (Vir Das )  and Nitin (Kunal Roy kapoor)  , who live in an old apartment . Tashi is engaged to Sonia (Shenaz Treasurywala) . Tashi is a journalist and Nitin is his photographer while Arup is a Cartoonist .

These blokes lead an average life until they get caught up in a mess with a smuggling syndicate lead by [Vijay Razz] .

In the mean time Tashi starts falling in love with a special Correspondent Menaka (Poorna Jagannathan) , while Nitin gets the worst food poisoning of his life by eating tandoori chicken from a road side vendor , and Arup gets dumped by his Girlfriend who plans to get married to an NRI .

What happens next is a series of events which are extremely funny , entertaining , and some thing which is not to be missed . But take this with a grain of Salt because this is not the usual brand of humour that we have come to expect from Bollywood  , The humour in this film is either extremely  brilliant or overly offensive depending on how you look at .

This film comes with a good number of pros , first this is a very new kind of film in the lines of Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels , Snatch , and The  Hangover  , secondly this kind of film is very new to Indian Cinema , and Finally No other currently playing film will make you laugh so much .

There comes only one Con with this film , This film is not for Family Audience and children , This film is not for those who get easily offended , this is not those people who have as sense of hypocritical morality , and Most Importantly it’s not for Parents !!

Technically also this film is brilliant Art direction , Editing , Music , all these deserve a special mention .

In the Acting department , the three main roles are played extremely well by the actors getting into the skin of the character  , Shenaz  and Poorna do their part well , and Vijay Razz as the Smuggling Gang leaders is brilliant along with the Guy who Says “(Knocking on a hotel room door )Sir ,Loondrry”.

Dialogues in the film are exceptional which is one of the main reason this movie works .

Director Abhinay Deo and writer Akshat Varma have created a movie which easily connects with its tare get audience and no one else , A film which is does not try to hide its intentions behind cheeky double meaning dialogues , there is generous usage of Expletives from both English and hindi.

On the whole Delhi belly is an amazing 1 hr  30 minute ride ,  which is not spoilt by any unnecessary breaks like an interval or song sequence , and a film which should not be missed if you can stomach it .

Batch resize Images on Linux

Today I learnt another reason to stay with Linux and why something are better done in a command line Interface .
Before some windows Evangelist comes up to me and tries to sell windows by saying that  “You can do a lot of stuff on Poweshell …etc” , let me clarify with this amazing article  on why some things are better done in a CLI , and why those things can only be done on a Unix Flavoured OS .

Don’t Get me Wrong I am not a Windows Hater  (I Know People in FOSS are going to Kill me for this Statement ), but I just Love Linux (Hope this saves me !).

So getting to the Topic at Hand

How to batch resize images on Linux (Ubuntu 10.10) :

Open Terminal and Navigate to the folder where the images reside and type
mogrify -resize 800 * .jpg

This resizes all images with extension ‘.jpg’ to a width of ‘800’px and any height (denoted by  ‘*’  ).

I was surprised to find that this command actually used the full power of dual core processors and Processed about 25 (12 MP) images in less than 30 sec (Just a guess , but it was fast) .

Note the resized Images were Perfect , there were no distortion or other artefacts .


As always your comments and suggestions are welcome , Please feel free to post them .


A new Awesome Google Chrome Ad

I have loved Google chrome since the day I started using it , and here is an Ad which showcases the features of the browser with a good emotional quotient to it .

Silence and Solitude !

I always knew I needed to shut up and Shut out all the noise , but I was not really able to implement it .
In the hussel and bussel of today’s world one really needs some Peace and quite Once in a while .

So here are 7 reasons why you should Find that peace and quiet . Here is My Favorite One

5. Silence boosts creativity.

Creative sparks rarely come to us when we are thinking hard about something. Creativity requires solitude, concentration and above all the silence of “non-thinking” mind.

Via  [ Arina’s Self Blog ]

Your Presentation Sucks !!

I was one of those people who barely did any research for my classes when I had to take a seminar , but when an opportunity to do a real proper presentation came my way ,  I needed a guide on what makes a Presentation great , and what not to do !

So after about 15minutes of searching I found this  .

So now equipped with this Knowledge I set out to make the most Awesome presentation I have ever made , and I am quite satisfied with the results, Everything now rests on my Speech ,which I am quite Confident about !

I recently messed up my Gnome Panels by…

I recently messed up my Gnome Panels  by accidentally deleting the shutdown and Time applets .

So I  found a way  to Restore them to the default state.

Now the best way to do this is to do it via terminal

Open Terminal

Then Type the Following
(Note:Don’t leave any space between the 2 dashes)

gconftool  – -recursive-unset /apps/panel

Now all the panels Should disappear.
Then type the following to restore them to their default state

rm -rf ~/.gconf/apps/panel

Finally Execute the following to show all the panels .

pkill gnome-panel

I tested this on Maverick Meerkat (10.10) and it works fine , but it should work on all versions from Gutsy Gibbon (7.10) onwards .

Top 10 interview questions


Question 1. Tell me about yourself.

“Tell me about yourself” is a very common question, but it is also the question which most candidates do not do well on. The challenge is because it is normally the first question asked, job candidates miss an important opportunity to make a great first impression.

The good news is with some preparation and a lot of practice, you make a phenomenal first impression by answering this question well.

First, what not to do:

  1. Do not recite your resume or academic transcript. The interviewer can read your resumé.
  2. Do not ramble an answer. Since this is a very common question, candidates are expected to have a good, concise answer. Being caught-off guard with this question without a good answer shows recruiters that a candidate did not prepare properly.
  3. Do not give a common, boring response. Excite me. Interest me. You’re talking about yourself, so take the opportunity and promote yourself as to why the recruiter should hire you.

So, with that in mind, what should you say? Here are some ideas and tips:

  1. Talk about your passions. Why did you chose the degree you did at university? Why did you chose this career path. Let me get to know you beyond the resume and academic transcript.
  2. Talk about your goals. Why are you here? What about you and your personality excites you about my company and this job?
  3. Pick one or two KEY things and achievements about your background–the things that best define you and put you in the best light–and tell me about it. Don’t take too long, and as I said earlier, don’t tell me everything in your background. Just pick the two things you want me to know about you. What accomplishments are you most proud of? What defines you as a person? What motivates you? What was your best experience so far? Tell me that. And remember, it doesn’t have to be exclusively on the professional front. Some of the best answers I have heard from job candidates is when there were telling me about being captain of a sports team or a community group they were involved in. The important thing to remember is that your examples should show why you are a special and unique person I need to hire.
  4. Share your dreams and ambitions. Tell me an interesting story.
  5. Since this is a very common question, practice, practice, and then practice some more. Write out some ideas of key stories from your background, and then practice telling your story in a concise and entertaining manner. I strongly recommend practicing this with friends and family, and get their honest and candid feedback on your response. Be sure to ask what you can do better. Then try again.
  6. Keep the answer to a couple of minutes.
  7. Watch the body language of the interviewer. Are they interested in what you are saying? Are they smiling and listening intently?

The most important thing about this question is to make the recruiter like you. By sharing an enthusiastic story, speaking with passion about your experiences and yourself, you will be highly likable and most importantly, memorable.

The good news is since most people give a boring summary of their resume, you really have the opportunity to stand-out by being different and telling a story which is interesting and exciting.

Potential answer:

At a young age, I had a passion for technology, so when it came to select a course of study at my university, computer science was a natural decision. I have enjoyed studying for the past four years, and now look forward to not only continuing this education but also delivering world class solutions for companies. Outside of work, I enjoy group activities such as football and music.

Via Gild