Netbeans Platform Training

Weekends are usually a time for relaxation and to catch up with some personal projects which are due over the week. But last weekend was something different , Attending NetBeans Platform Certified Training  was really different experience .

Netbeans usually brings to mind the picture of an IDE , but there is also another Side to it , The Platform side , Netbeans Platform is a base platform for building some amazing swing based applications with relative ease and extensive re-useability coupled with Loose Coupling .

The workshop was conducted over video conference by Mr.Geertjan Wielenga who gave us an enlightening experience over the weekend of some of the most interesting Features of the Netbeans Platform .

Here is are a few pics:

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Here is a link to Geertjan Wielenga’s blog post about the training

This workshop was organized by Rajmahendra Ji on behalf of  Java User Group Chennai .

Criteria to recognize a Good Programmer

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Here are a few indicators to separate Good Programmers from the whole crowd . 

Me as a Kid

Things to Look For in a Programmer :

  • Passionate about technology
  • Programs as a hobby
  • Will talk your ear off on a technical subject if encouraged
  • Significant (and often numerous) personal side-projects over the years
  • Learns new technologies on his/her own
  • Opinionated about which technologies are better for various usages
  • Very uncomfortable about the idea of working with a technology he doesn’t believe to be “right”
  • Clearly smart, can have great conversations on a variety of topics
  • Started programming long before university/work
  • Has some hidden “icebergs”, large personal projects under the CV radar
  • Knowledge of a large variety of unrelated technologies (may not be on CV)

Good indicators of a bad Programmer :

  • Thinks Programming is a day job
  • Doesn’t really want to talk a lot about technology
  • Learns new technologies only in college/company-sponsored courses
  • Happy to work with whatever technology you’ve picked, “all technologies are good
  • Doesn’t seem too smart
  • Started programming at university
  • All programming experience is on the CV
  • Focused mainly on one or two technology stacks (e.g. everything to do with developing a java application), with no experience outside of it
So guys try to improve your Good Indicators and remove your bad indicators .

Nine Tips to Getting Selected for a Job

Most of the time people become a “Yes man” with a slightly overconfident attitude , but That may not work all the time .

Here is a List of Nine Tips that may help from Tech Republic.

 Don’t try to impress them with your dress, attitude, or speech. It will backfire. Be honest, direct, and authentic. Look decent and be comfortable in your own skin.


11 things to avoid in 2011

I really haven’t made any new year resolutions this year , I didn’t bother to put in the effort to end up breaking it .

But here are somethings everyone should remember, not just this year but every year .

Here is my favorite one ….

Putting off your dreams

Look at your big dreams and identify what makes them so appealing. Is it the free time, the nice things, the great relationships, or being in the best shape of your life? Identify something you can do this year that will allow you to enjoy some of that dream without all the extras. Save up some cash and splurge on that amazing purchase or take some unpaid time off. Treasure the time you have and don’t wait until you’re loaded to start savoring the world around you.

I am going to chase redemption this year and this is really good advice . So lets GO !