Concert @ Dr.Ilayaraja’s House



When my mom calls me to go to a Carnatic music concert , well I usually decline the offer since I really don’t have that much interest in it , but this was something special A concert at Dr.இளையராஜா’s House , this time I couldn’t decline the offer , and my lucky day it was a Concert by Unni Krishnan , and what a concert it was ! Even though I didn’t know anything about Carnatic Music I was still mesmerized by his voice .


The Best Part of the concert was that I got to meet many Celebs like

Dr.இளையராஜா , Unni Krishnan , Karthik Raja ,Bhavatharini , Yuvan Shankar Raja and ,Divya Spandana.


I also met a few other people but I couldn’t recognise who they were , but I thought i had seen them before .

Anyway the I got what I went there for  , a few pics with the celebs . But I couldn’t get one with Dr.இளையராஜா and Unni Krishnan  though .