Scalaxia for Android

Scalaxia for android was just released by Jug-C Member Ragunath Jawahar who is also the Founder and  CTO of Mobs and Geeks

Scalaxia is a project by Java User Group Chennai , It aggregates tweets related to the Scala Language , It is built using the Scala language itself and it runs on Google App Engine

Here are a few screenshots


And here is a video of it in action


The App can be Downloaded from here


Short term memory loss !!

An arch Linux box that I was running on my laptop just ran out of memory

Serves me right for allocating only 128MB RAM for it.

I was not even running a GUI , there was only a ssh server and the network services running. I was installing a few JRuby gems via a ssh session when this suddenly happens.

This highlights a very valid point in today’s world of computing, I feel that today’s software aren’t really very efficiently built.

We are taking the amount of memory that is available, for granted and not writing very efficient software .

An Easter Egg in Google Search

An easter egg has been found in Google search . It was about time that google did something interesting with google search , which even after the recent redesign wasn’t very interesting, But still the minimal look is what we all love about google search .

What is an easter egg anyway , well Wikipedia defines it as

A virtual Easter egg is an intentional hidden message, in-joke or feature in a work such as a computer program, web page, video game, movie, book or crossword.

What it means is that easter egg is just a simple trivial feature that in placed by the creators of the software product to lighten things up .

So now back to google’s easter egg, Imagine Google doing a Barrel roll well you can literally ask google to do it by typing Do a barrel rollin the search box , the same effect can also be triggered by typing “z or r twice” .

Then try imagining google having a slight tilt , well neither could I , but you can still see it by searching for tilt or askew” .

These effects seem to be working in the recent versions of all  major browsers .

I have made a video of all the effects take a look

Screencasting from Ubuntu

Screencasting (Recording a video of  your desktop) just got easier since if you have Gnome Shell .

Gnome shell comes with an inbuilt screencasting feature which is activated by pressing


To deactivate it just press the same combination . The video is by default saved in webm format in the current user’s home directory.

Here is a sample video.



A doodle , Anant Pai and remembering the mid 1990’s

Today (17 September ) was the day that Anant Pai, or as we all remember Uncle Pai, was born, and Google India has actually published a doodle to mark this Occasion.

Anant Pai and his comics Amar Chitra Katha and Tinkle were a real source of awe and inspiration for my generation. When I was a kid I used to trouble my mother every night for a story and she would secretly look into the tinkle books for inspiration. Back then we did not have many TV channels and ones like DD were mostly news channels and broadcast the occasional cartoon, So I literally grew into my Teen years reading Amar Chitra Katha and Tinkle, They did get boring somewhere between 2000 – 2003, But still I really cannot forget those memorable days of reading tinkle for innumerable hours.

The current younger Generation on the other hand has been corrupted by the innumerable number of Cartoons from every channel , and the worst part is that unlike cartoons from my childhood theses are rarely about Life Lessons. Kids today seem to be more interested in over the top heroism and violence . I really despise cartoons like Power Rangers  as they project an image that most of the problems can be solved by killing the main villan and causing as much violence as possible , One could argue that Power Rangers existed in mid 1990’s , but if you think about it they were never broadcast in India at that time , The cartoon I saw as a kid was Jungle Book and other miscellaneous Stories.

Now getting back to the topic , There was a time in the mid 1990’s , I think around 1995 that I saw for the first time a Tinkle comic , and I have to say that I immediately fell in love with it, I would spend hours and hours with my Tinkle and Amar Chirtra Katha Comics. And every month I would pester my dad  to get me the latest issue of the comics, I would secretly smuggle it to school and read it during Lunch times, I would also occasionally get caught reading it in class.

I still vividly remember the colourful stories of Shikari Shambu , Suppandi ,Nasruddin Hodja, etc , They were an abundant source of inspiration back then. Suppandi was one of my favorites , I would find suppandi stories funny even if I had read it for the 100th time, that was the power of those Colourful comics .

Oh I forgot to mention the most Intelligent Characters of them all, Birbal. His stories of wit, humor , combined with intelligence were a real source of exaltation. And most of the time each story had an amazing ending with a really good message . Here are a few that I found : Stories of birbal.Those were literally the Golden years of my education, I learnt a lot and learning was such a pleasurable experience back then , And like all Golden years it did come to an end , But Golden years are the ones that stay in memory for a lifetime . I have to thank Anant Pai for starting something that can never be forgot !!


Netbeans Platform Training

Weekends are usually a time for relaxation and to catch up with some personal projects which are due over the week. But last weekend was something different , Attending NetBeans Platform Certified Training  was really different experience .

Netbeans usually brings to mind the picture of an IDE , but there is also another Side to it , The Platform side , Netbeans Platform is a base platform for building some amazing swing based applications with relative ease and extensive re-useability coupled with Loose Coupling .

The workshop was conducted over video conference by Mr.Geertjan Wielenga who gave us an enlightening experience over the weekend of some of the most interesting Features of the Netbeans Platform .

Here is are a few pics:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Here is a link to Geertjan Wielenga’s blog post about the training

This workshop was organized by Rajmahendra Ji on behalf of  Java User Group Chennai .

How to Create a Twitter Like Retweet Links

Twitter is one of the most visited social networking sites , and one of the factors in their success is the intuitiveness of  the user interface .

In this tutorial We are going to learn how to create a twitter like mouse over effect for retweet , favorite links

Twitter mouse over effect

To achieve this effect we are going to be using HTML, CSS and jQuery .

First the HTML :

<div class="<span class=">TweetContainer"></div>
        		<div class="Tweet">
        			<span class="TweetAuthor">
        			<span class="TweetText">
        				I am #Bond, #James Bond ! @JamesBond007
<div class="<span class=">TweetActions"></div>


We create a Container DIV and 2 separate DIVs one for the Tweet and another for the TweetActions. The actual Tweet content is put inside the Tweet DIV and TweetActions contains Favorite and ReTweet .

Next The Styling

                		margin: 15 auto;
                		width: 500px;
                		height: 70px;
                		background: #C7EEFE;
                		padding: 30px;
                		border-radius: 15px;
                		font-family:  Arial,sans-serif
                		border-color: #B7EEFE;
                		position: relative;
                		left: 300px;
                		cursor: pointer

And now comes the jQuery Code

                        	//Hide the Favorite and Retweet Buttons
                        	//Trigger the Mouse over action
                        		 * Show the Retweet and Favorite buttons for the Current
                        		 * Tweet
                        		//Highlight the Current Tweet by changing the background Color

                        	//Trigger the mouse leave action
                        		 * Hide the Retweet and Favorite buttons for the Current
                        		 * Tweet
                        		//Change the background color of the Current Tweet to normal

Putting it all together we get


To get the full Source code just save the Demo Page as html and open it with a text editor .

As always comments and Suggestions are welcome .
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