Poisoned by Python

The python workshop i was attending in Rajalakshmi Engineering college ended today , and to be frank , I am felling a bit sad because it got over too fast , I wish it was a 5 day workshop instead of 3 .

Here is a group photo from the workshop:

Since my attendance of this workshop whole outlook on programming has changed , Python is really addictive and easy ,and the best part is that you mostly don’t need an IDE , most of the scripting can be done in IPython .

Once you get poisoned by python its hard to get rid of it , you also learn the full potential of the Linux Terminal .

On Linux the terminal is all you need to Program ,Test ,and debug Python , But when you try to do it on Windows you start getting into trouble , and you also realize how useless Windows command line is when compared  to the Linux terminal.

During the workshop we used Fedora linux ,we could start working on python almost immediately after the os was installed because all the packages needed were already present , so it was almost out-of-the-box ,but on windows you have to go about installing all of the Libraries manually ,but somehow it manages to work ,but not as great as Linux though. Suddenly I am attracted towards the Free and open Source platforms .

The Best part of Python is actually that it doesn’t force much on you except the Syntax and Semantics ,everything else is very flexible .

I am planning more tutorials on Python , Lets see how that works out !

and as always Happy Coding !!


Learning to code Win32 Native apps

I have been trying to learn how to write native win32 apps for sometime , I don’t know how this happened but I never came across these most obvious Websites that I should have checked out .

Oh well its better late than never as they say .



Neowin.net – Microsoft warns of critical unpatched Windows Shell vulnerability

This is pretty serious , this vulnerability is caused due to an error in Windows Shell when parsing shortcuts (.lnk).

What this means is that you can get a virus in your computer even if you don’t open the shortcut files .

Hope Microsoft fixes this soon .

I hear the next patch Tuesday is scheduled for Aug 10th, so we are sitting ducks till then !

check out his video to know more

Via :Neowin.net – Microsoft warns of critical unpatched Windows Shell vulnerability.