Careers @ stackoverflow

I got an email from Stack Overflow Careers 2.0 Inviting me to join

In recognition of your contributions to Stack Overflow, we’d like to invite you to create a professional profile on Stack Overflow Careers 2.0.

A Careers 2.0 profile is a great place to showcase your professional work as a programmer – Stack Exchange answers, open source projects, even the books you’ve read.

Click here to accept the invitation. It’s free!

Even if you’re not looking for a new career today, your Careers 2.0 profile will be your professional home on the web. It lets your colleagues, friends, and peers know who you are and what great work you’re doing. It’s a terrific way to build your professional reputation and take your career to the next level. And it’s fun!

You’ll always have complete control over what’s in your profile, who can see it, and whether or not employers can contact you.

But please act soon: this invitation expires in 14 days, so sign up now!

Even if you decide not to join Careers 2.0, we would like to thank you for all your contributions to Stack Overflow. It wouldn’t be the same without you.

Best wishes,

Joel, Jeff and The Stack Overflow Team

I have been trying for some months to get an account on that site because It is sort of exclusive , They seem to hand pick the people who get a profile on the . So once I get the privilege to invite people I will be sending a few to some deserving friends.

Take a look at the stats , There are only 49 people from chennai who have an account on that site, which includes me .

What is more surprising is that the IT hub of India Bangalore has only 5 people .

But there was a catch Since this site is yet to catch the fancy of many people in India there are (at the time of this blog post ) No job postings in India , but the job postings that are present are of really good quality and seem to be quite reliable .

Here is a link to my profile .

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