Va Quarter Cutting(வ குவாட்டர் கட்டிங்) ~ Review

I just watched Va Quarter Cutting today morning , even though it was raining cats and dogs I had to go to the movies because I had booked the tickets yesterday @ Ags cinemas and I didn’t want to waste my cash.

Chennai rains (2)

Now to be honest I was not expecting a laugh riot , and from the trailer itself you can guess that its was not going to be very funny and it might be a little mokkai(click for definition) , but it was not that bad actually. It was a smile riot , I never stopped smiling , but it has got its Laughable moments though.

Va Quarter Cutting Trailer.

<Spoiler Warning >

The story of Va-Qc is pretty lame if heard in one line like this “Sura goes in search of a Quarter cutting through the night ”. But when you expand it a bit more it gets a bit more interesting , Sura(short for Sundarrajan, played by Shiva) is an obvious Vijay fan from Coimbatore is on his way to Saudi Arabia in search of work . He lands in Chennai on his way there and meets his to-be brother-in-law Marthandam(SPB Charan) , who is a mattu doctor(veterinary doctor). On hearing that Alcohol is banned in Saudi Arabia , Sura craves for a quarter cutting the night before he is to leave for Saudi,and incidentally all the wine-shops in the city are closed due to elections. So begins his mis-adventure in search of a Quarter cutting  during which he meets all kinds of Quirky Characters, almost like a Guy Ritchie movie, but not that ingenious but still the characters are pretty interesting  , characters like ,the ’Self Suicidal’ Saro (Lekha Washington) , the Villains Prince and King(both played by John Vijay) , Chinna Annan and Periya Thambi , the guy who is committed to performing Arson on vehicles, Vettu and Kutthu , Baby face (VJ Craig) , Chandru(Cameo by Arya) the auto racer from Oram Po and so on .

The events in the course of the night are also interesting , like the item song by Sura and Marthandam ,Sura “Suttufying”(Stealing) the Red car , the Gambling games and so on .

Teaser of the item song.

There are also some unexpected twists like the real identity of Marthandam as Singam .

The story lags a bit in parts until intermission but post interval it picks up a bit of pace .

</Spoiler Warning>


The USPs of Va~Qc are the screenplay , the dialogues and the Quirky Characters .

Dialogues like ‘Grape’ for ‘Group rape’ , ‘muttakose’ reference for Saro’s intelligence ,also some dialogues have very implicit double meanings , like when Prince is about to cut Sura’s hands Sura says that because he can’t look at women in Saudi his hands are very important to him.

The technical team have done a good job . Nirav Shah’s lens perfectly captures the mood of the film which is fully set at night. Editing by Anthony is really crisp and noteworthy , G V Prakashkumar’s music is good but when you watch it on screen the songs really come alive.

On the acting front Shiva and Charan fit their parts to the T , but the real surprise is John Vijay who steals the show as the father son duo Prince and King.Lekha Washington as Saraswathi is underused but still she plays her part well as the ‘Self Suicidal’ student , and ends up looking really cute .The others actors also perform well.Overall good casting .

Directors Pushkar and Gayatri should be applauded for trusting the audience’s intelligence , and daring to make a ‘different film’ which may even get a cult status .However like all avant-garde works this film is not for everyone , and many may find this kind satirical-comedy boring or repulsive .One needs a casual and sporty attitude to really enjoy this movie.

The main draw-back of this film is that its not a Laugh riot , and some parts get a bit boring .

But Overall it is a rainy morning well spent , This is a fun ride that needs to be tried out .

So if you are Jobless and have 2hrs and 15mins to spare , definitely give Va~Qc a try , you might actually end up enjoying yourself .

2 Comments on “Va Quarter Cutting(வ குவாட்டர் கட்டிங்) ~ Review”

  1. santhosh says:

    i like that movie

  2. arun says:

    v koter cutting is one of the different movies in tamil cinema.nice movie.mirchi siva is always wonderful

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