How to Make Chromium Portable , Partially !

I have been using Chromium web browser for some time now , and I must say it is really good , and most of the time its pretty stable , but one thing I really hate is that it saves my user profile at


Now to solve this I tried many techniques , and I found out that the most simplest and easiest solution was the best , so here it is .

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1.Download the Latest chromium snapshot

To do this go to and select the folder with the largest  number .

Open the latest folder

Download the file called

 Download this File


Extract to a folder with WinZip or winrar or your favourite archiving software .

3.Create a Shortcut

Create a shortcut for chrome.exe

Create a shortcut


Now right click on the shortcut and select properties

Addthe Following

and add the Following to the Target field

–user-data-dir="<Path of the Custom user Directory>”

So the Target field should contain

"<Path of the Chromium directory>\chrome.exe"  –user-data-dir="<Path of the Custom user Directory>

This tells chrome.exe to use the profile folder at the directory you specify , thus making it effectively portable .

Remember this only works if you open chromium from the shortcut , Do not Open chrome.exe directly ,open it only using the shortcut . 

You can also add


to the end of the Target field to make chromium run in incognito mode by default .

The above technique is not 100% foolproof so that’s why I called it partial , but it works.

Try it out and post you comments below !

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